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I'm Emma Bellamy. I am your Helper. 

I assist you through your healing journey with my Crystal Bed Healing practice; I help families-to-be with their Conscious Conception and Conscious Pregnancy journey in my Baking a Baby book and videos; and I provide free Awakening chats to those on a spiritual path.

Most of all what I like to do is to share the knowledge I have found along my way. Whether it be learning more about energy, healing, your Awakening, Baking a Baby, or your lifestyle... you have been guided to the right place. 

Congratulations, Dear One... You made it!

At this time we find ourselves in an extraordinary vortex of transition... If you've been one of those having Wild Evolutionary Experiences know that you are not alone! Growth and healing is a large part of our collective development.

As someone once said to me, 'If you're alive, you need help!' We all do; there's no stigma or shame attached to it; it's a developmental process. We are all being asked to grow up and evolve, and we are all here to help each other through this magical period. 

The good news is we become totally new people, and I personally am very happy about that. The depth I was seeking has been found. I like being a grown up, and all the new-found spiritual insight that has come with it. All of the magic from my childhood has been returned to me, and it is beautiful. 

I am excited about what I do, and I long to share all that I have discovered with you. Working for the Great Spirit is an honour I am humbly grateful for; so even if you get just one kernel of goodness from this site, then it will have fulfilled its function. 

Collectively we are in the midst of no less than a Spiritual Revolution- You might have an inkling of this and be a bit curious like I was all those years ago, or you might be seriously heeding the call. Either way, you have come to the right place!

Welcome, Seeker, to the start of your Adventure!