What is Awakening? What is Ascension?

These are terms which are bandied around and for many of us we think they're nonsense, describing some abstract hippy thing. But they are in fact real parts of ordinary, natural life. Quite simply Ascension and the Awakening process is a natural process that occurs in our bodies, our minds and our spirits. It's a type of growing up. More technically, it is the movement of chi [or qi, or kundalini shakti] energy as it purifies through each one of our chakras, eventually finding it's way out the top of our heads, or crown chakras, connecting us to Source with a new improved super-connection. You could also see it as a software upgrade, for that is exactly what it is.

The short version is Awakening is about our Return to Earth ... in all aspects of our life. The more natural your life, the more appreciative of Mother Nature and all she provides, the more you will Awaken. If you love the socks off the plants, the insects, the flowers, the fungi, the animals, the little children, the mothers, the fathers, the cycle of life, the sun, the moon and the stars, then you are well on your way! 

During my childhood I was raised in a religious tradition as a Mormon. Although even as a young person I could see the benefits of that religion and indeed "feel the spirit," my perception of it was also that it was also very patriarchal, and coupled with my marriage into a family of scientists, my spirituality slipped entirely away. I eventually only believed in the material world. That is, until my Awakening. 

Now I look back on both my religio-spiritual and scientific-materialist experiences as being invaluable to the outcome which is the final me; both have been reference points during my Awakening as I compare and tarry up the information from both 'sides', if you will, to where I am, in the middle. 

Part of my Awakening has been completely physical. As I was able to feel and hear with an increasing ability the electromagnetic fields of objects in my environment, such as mobile phones, wifi routers and other electrical appliances, I was forced to find out more about these fields and what they are. So due to my beliefs [or disbeliefs] I had to relearn everything spiritual through the very pragmatic prism of science.

Re-reading the Bible made it clear to me that much of what is written in the Bible is scientific; for example the Arc of the Covenant is clearly an electrical capacitor, a kind of giant telephone to call God. There's a whole bit about resonance and the Walls of Jericho. Clearly aliens and giants are referenced as well... I figured it out just by reading it, as did Erich Von Daniken

A huge amount can be learned about healing by re-reading the New Testament. So that's a good start and where I would begin.

Below is merely a starters pack. There are many great docos on Youtube, and more every day. Take the red pill, and we'll show you how deep the rabbithole goes... Here are some of my favourite websites, each of which produced an Aha! moment...