Emma Bellamy

Living in the Byron Bay Hinterland, I live with my husband John, three kids and a cat named Milky. 

My story could have many beginnings; You could say it began with family challenges during my early childhood... or being raised spiritually with a knowledge of Jesus in the Mormon church... or did it began with all that time in nature... on our horse... walking through fields and trees, listening to the sounds of the bush... ?

I now know I have always been a sensitive, but I didn't realise for a long time what that really meant- except that I was obviously more sensitive to many things than other people in terms of my body, my hearing, sight and smell... 

The day I remember as being clearly pivotal was a November day. Ensconced in my work as a digital editor on my computer, I paused, and looked out of the window; becoming aware of the incredible, vibrant beauty of the tree just outside.

A sweetly curving jacaranda was engaged in full bloom, and I was awe-struck at the majesty of it. The smell of summer was in the air and I breathed it in... At that moment I had the realisation that Mother Earth is the 'computer' and our bodies are the 'software'. 

Something was calling me... I was ready for a change. I switched off social media and spent very little time on my mobile phone for almost 5 years. And then I found... MAGIC! I became completely entranced by Nature! How could I have missed all this glory? Watching everything grow around me, the flowers, the dewdrops, the cobwebs catching the light in winter morning sunshine... the variations in texture on bark, the appearance of fungi after a rainfall... it was all so, so, beautiful. It was all ALIVE. 

I realised that our bodies are incredibly created, highly sensitive tools which are designed to interface with the natural world. 

Hungry for more knowledge about my newfound insight, I pored over scientific journals, read scholarly articles and devoured book after book. Although I had been raised surrounded by nature by both my Mum in the Blue Mountains and my Dad on a farm, I had developed a decidedly 'scientific' approach to life, and I needed to learn everything again through that very pragmatic prism.

At the same time as this, I noticed that I began to feel and hear energy. I began to hear electrical appliances and wifi routers. I became unable to hold mobile phones due to their electromagnetic field, which was so strong it hurt me. These experiences were rather dramatic and drove me mad until thankfully, I also began to feel good energy, which you'll be pleased to know feels WONDERFUL, and is generated when we pray and meditate.  

Although at times I felt decidedly like I was being squashed through the cosmic plughole, I have also had my own personal experiences of feeling and hearing energy to match my questioning. Luckily Love/God/the Universe was on my side - as it is on everyone's - and my research has proven to me that all of the magic I had lost from my childhood is in fact real.

Growth and Healing is a huge part of our collective development. We all need it; there's no stigma or shame attached to it, it's a developmental process. I really believe that we are all here to help each other through this magical period, and I include myself in that statement.  

The good news is we become totally new people, and I personally am very happy about that! I like this newfound spiritual world... and I bet if you're here, you do too.

Thank-you to the Casaquantum physicsepigenetics, raw foodHeartmath, Cleve Backster and all the other amazing sources of knowledge I have found along the way. What a wonderful gift, to go from tedium to magic, from flatness to full-colour!  

I love this new life and I hope to share it with you.

I am you and you are me. 

Emma Bellamy, Founder