Come and join us my lovelies! We'd love to have you! 

Come and join us my lovelies! We'd love to have you! 

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Consciously Creating your Future Child

"This book features the very latest in human biotechnology. There is nothing more up to date than human consciousness; and human consciousness is really just another word for Love. Anything done in Love is the purest definition of consciousness- Conscious-ness… Being kind; compassionate and caring.

This consciousness is created every single second; interfacing, interpreting and downloading information back to the Mothership; Source- The Great Heart. Coupled with its partner, the operating system of the human body, our consciousness has a limitless potential to create and affect the world around us. Applying this astounding technology to the creation of our children is the obvious next step, whether you’re a parent, an aunty or uncle, a cousin or a grandparent."

Creating a child with our human bodies is one of the most glorious and sacred acts we can ever do while living on Gaia. It is the ultimate act of co-creation and the ultimate chance to participate in conscious communion with the Unifying Force, or God. It is from this conscious perspective that I have written this book. Just like we think about the ingredients in a good recipe, young women are starting to think about what goes into their baby recipe. This Guidebook leads a young conscious woman on her way BEFORE pregnancy and as she goes along. Written by a young woman, for young women, we dive deep, addressing all aspects of preparation for this incredible journey. 'Baking A Baby' is informative and easy to read, without cutting you short on the authenticity of the spiritual aspects of this magnificent, life-changing time.

Young people the world over are ready for this knowledge and wisdom to be integrated into their family planning conception experience!