Women's Circles...  the Ancient Art of Gathering in the Round... 

In a Circle we sit in sacredness and on equal footing; 

Old and young, rich and poor, tired and energetic, sad and happy, grieving and celebrating...

All are the same within the circle and all are held in safety, balance and warmth.

Something about the circle opens us up to honesty, helping us to share, to heal, and to hold space for each other no matter what we are going through.

The shape of the circle empowers us to be the best version of ourselves, as we witness the transformation that occurs in the lives of the girls and women around us; as we experience their experience as our own.

Our witnessing holds each other through the sad times and through the bumpy times and it allows us to see things through the eyes of another woman where we might not have had the chance to do so in our day to day lives.

Our opening helps us to share things we might not otherwise have had the ability or the courage to do.

Our sharing encourages empathy and compassion where perhaps otherwise we might have been dismissive or distracted.

Circles are Sacred. Circles are Magical. Circles are Profound. 

Women's Circle, Paddington, NSW Australia, Full Moon April 2016

Women's Circle, Paddington, NSW Australia, Full Moon April 2016