you're not going crazy, you're just waking up...


One of the things I have craved on my own journey was someone to talk to who had been through the same thing! Once I realised that I was going through a kundalini process myself, which was not until the energy had got to my throat, or Vishuddha chakra, I knew I just wanted to talk to someone who was going through or had been through the same thing; to have a chat, to share stories, to have a sounding board; maybe to get tips for further chakras along.

Although each experience is unique to the individual, and varies wildly, having someone to chat to, who can offer an ear to listen to the craziness of the process, is a real bonus. The physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms can be intense, and just having a sounding board is sometimes all we need to get through! Whilst I emphasise that I have NO professional counselling qualifications, I am happy to offer an ear and sympathetic friendly chats to anyone who wants them. These chats are FREE to anyone who needs them. 

Please, if you need to talk, contact me via the contact page and I will give you a buzz back. Take it easy in the meantime, and remember this is a natural, beautiful process... Listen to your body, listen to your soul, make quiet time, get gentle exercise and be barefoot in nature <3 


Emma’s inviting and holistic approach to healing was exactly what I needed to feel calmer and more balanced again.
— A. OBrick, Sydney AUSTRALIA