alchemy: turning thoughts into action

it is one thing to have a thought but quite another to turn it into action. the master Goethe summed it up beautifully <<<


 alchemy&gt;&gt;&gt; by emily balivet

alchemy>>> by emily balivet

We all struggle with this kind of Alchemy, and it is true that there is much against us achieving 'more' in our daily lives. Holding down that job, having children, periods of illness, visiting relatives, friends, parents, daily commitments, even exercise all take time and must be prioritised >> but we ably force ourselves to go through with things that we do not want to do, such as attend social events, get out of bed to go to work and get up in the middle of the night to look after that baby. All of these things are rewarding in the short term as we know there will be immediate consequences if we don't attend to them. 

But what about the big things? I worry that we are so busy with the day to day that we are missing out on THE most important thing; Spaceship Earth, our HOME, Mother Gaia. We hover into our telephonic devices and end up down one rabbithole after another; zooming down in fractal after fractal, in versions of the same thing. WHY? It's the definition of madness to do the same thing and to expect a different result. Just STOP>

Alchemy is the complete opposite of this; it is about DOING. And it is about doing something differently.

It took me a technological diet of almost five years to come back to Nature, and as I pulled away from my phone and computer, I was pulled back into the real world, into the goddess that is Nature; for she is all there is. I can only rhapsodise about what I found; the great heart, yeshua, profound truths, healing, a kundalini cleansing of intensity and raw honesty; the divine mother, chakras spinning on my head and body, coloured lights everywhere i look, vegetarianism, veganism, other dimensions, purification, humble tears of joy and gratitude at the beauty- oh, the beauty! other worlds that i literally see with my eyes!

What social media is worth that? What choice to buy coal powered energy is worth that? What life are we giving our children with the heat and the ozone and the poisonous skies... WHY ON EARTH WOULD WE DO THAT? I don't understand my own generation, most of my friends.

All I can see is what everyone is missing by not making choices for the good, choices for the better, choices for our children. I want this to be both an encouragement and a lament because so many of us don't know the magical world WHICH IS REALITY

I cannot say it enough but please hear my cries... Turn your energy $ to good use

...because, by golly, you will still end up paying for it, one way or another...

Better to do it now and actually enjoy the future.