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“The greatest science in the world;

in heaven and on earth; is love.”― Mother Teresa


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." – Nikola Tesla




Parenthood is a totally transformative experience. Physically, emotionally and spiritually we undergo incredible and profound alterations. All that we know about ourselves is ripped away, whether we like it or not, and completely rebuilt. Especially for mothers, the transformation that occurs is total; there is no going back from this life-altering journey… Into the void of unknowingness we traverse, and out the other end we come…. a newborn ourselves! ..Newborn into parenthood.

Because we are changed so profoundly by the parenting journey, it is so important to think about this passage of life further… to examine it, and nut it out, and turn it around and look all over it. It is time for us again to understand this whole act of creation through spiritual eyes, in spiritual terms. Bearing this in mind we begin to unravel what it means to create a child.

Acknowledging the transformation that will occur once you begin on the journey of parenthood is actually the first step in your journey. Embracing change as you traverse this next stage in your development will allow you to open to receive the energy of a new child, and to bring it into your world. The change from young adult to adult, or to ‘pre-parent’ is one worth noting. Arrangements both psychological and physical must be made. Emotional relational issues with our own parents must be gently faced and acknowledged; the solidification of our commitment to our partner must be reiterated.

A wise man said to me during my own pre-parenting phase: “You must commit to the commitment.” He meant committing to the commitment of husband and family. This really resonated with me because at this special time new cards are on the table. In the situation of a couple you have two distinct entities, Yourself and The Couple, but when you create a family you create two more entities – The Child and The Family that now includes Children. You are stepping up the complexity of your relationship and enhancing and deepening it, and during this transformative time imbuing your partner with love, honesty, total confidence and complete trust is most beneficial. The impact these compassionate actions have cannot be overstated… utter confidence and support is the juice that keeps the river of relationship flowing gently and gracefully along. 

Relationships with our parents take on a different hue too, during this time. We must face any unresolved feelings about our worth or treatment as a child under our own parents’ stewardship, for at some point they will rear their head regardless if we have approached them consciously or unconsciously. Counselling is often required if the situation with our parents was a complex one. Especially for people who have suffered the loss of their own parents in some form, it is advisable to seek a therapist before your journey has begun, so you are equipped with tools to deal with the emotions that will transpire. If you are one of the people whose relationship with your parents had or has issues, please listen carefully to these words... It’s an inevitability that you will need to translate and untangle your own parental concerns as you become a parent. It is far better to do this consciously and with tools from a qualified therapist than without… Do yourself and your partner a favor, and approach it in a gentle way with professional help, so that less issues are passed on to your own gorgeous children.

I just want to emphasize this point because one of the most shocking things you encounter as you become a parent is how frequently you do the same things your own parents did. Most of those things will be lovely and useful for your child. But some most definitely will not. Personally, I was not prepared for how frustrating I found first time parenthood; in fact I remember a girlfriend of mine said to me about her own experience “I don’t think I’ve ever gritted my teeth so much!” and it had so much resonance for me because I’d been doing the same thing for the past year! I now know it was a gritted-teeth-of-sheer-frustration face, but a little child in its innocence can only see the emotion of anger. I remember it terrified me as a child when my Dad used to do it… and now here I was doing the same thing! Although there is a lot I’m proud of about the way I’ve looked after my kids this particular frustration issue of mine could have been handled a lot better. [And I’m still working on it, truth be told]

The next time I realized I was doing it I asked my little boy if that face scared him, and he said ‘yes’… So I pulled him onto my lap and explained how I was feeling inside. I told him how hard it is to be a parent and how sometimes I’m just too tired to play the same game over and over. Although your child won’t understand the complexities of what you’re relating, they will understand the emotion of reconciliation behind it. They will feel your emotions change and they will feel your love as you speak to them sympathetically. The energy your child receives behind this is so important, and that’s why acknowledging your own negative emotions at times really matters.

During this time of pre-parenting we also begin to see our parents in a new light. The transformation that occurs here is our own perspective due to new knowledge gained. Before our first baby is born, we might think of our parents as either meddling and overbearing, aloof and uninvolved, or anything in-between! It is only after the first few months of our first child’s life that we come to realize all that was done for us during our own internship as a baby… the sleepless nights, the nappy changes, the feeding, the cuddling, the sheer amount of it is astonishing! A very deep and profound gratitude is felt for all the hard work we were completely unaware of up until this point. The transformation has occurred! Finally our kids know what a pain in the ass they have been all this time! Ha ha. If only we could have this knowledge before the birth of our first child! But alas, it is not the case. We can only read these words and hope for some understanding towards our parents with the knowledge that our views towards them will change with our own voyage into their role.


...excerpt from

Baking A Baby

by Emma Bellamy


alchemy: turning thoughts into action

it is one thing to have a thought but quite another to turn it into action. the master Goethe summed it up beautifully <<<


 alchemy&gt;&gt;&gt; by emily balivet

alchemy>>> by emily balivet

We all struggle with this kind of Alchemy, and it is true that there is much against us achieving 'more' in our daily lives. Holding down that job, having children, periods of illness, visiting relatives, friends, parents, daily commitments, even exercise all take time and must be prioritised >> but we ably force ourselves to go through with things that we do not want to do, such as attend social events, get out of bed to go to work and get up in the middle of the night to look after that baby. All of these things are rewarding in the short term as we know there will be immediate consequences if we don't attend to them. 

But what about the big things? I worry that we are so busy with the day to day that we are missing out on THE most important thing; Spaceship Earth, our HOME, Mother Gaia. We hover into our telephonic devices and end up down one rabbithole after another; zooming down in fractal after fractal, in versions of the same thing. WHY? It's the definition of madness to do the same thing and to expect a different result. Just STOP>

Alchemy is the complete opposite of this; it is about DOING. And it is about doing something differently.

It took me a technological diet of almost five years to come back to Nature, and as I pulled away from my phone and computer, I was pulled back into the real world, into the goddess that is Nature; for she is all there is. I can only rhapsodise about what I found; the great heart, yeshua, profound truths, healing, a kundalini cleansing of intensity and raw honesty; the divine mother, chakras spinning on my head and body, coloured lights everywhere i look, vegetarianism, veganism, other dimensions, purification, humble tears of joy and gratitude at the beauty- oh, the beauty! other worlds that i literally see with my eyes!

What social media is worth that? What choice to buy coal powered energy is worth that? What life are we giving our children with the heat and the ozone and the poisonous skies... WHY ON EARTH WOULD WE DO THAT? I don't understand my own generation, most of my friends.

All I can see is what everyone is missing by not making choices for the good, choices for the better, choices for our children. I want this to be both an encouragement and a lament because so many of us don't know the magical world WHICH IS REALITY

I cannot say it enough but please hear my cries... Turn your energy $ to good use

...because, by golly, you will still end up paying for it, one way or another...

Better to do it now and actually enjoy the future.


You're Baking a Baby

Soooo, I've been writing a book for the last few months, and this book is called.... drumroll please... You're Baking a Baby! It's all about Conscious Conception and really focussing on the period of time when we prepare to create our families. 

I've really loved the process of writing up to this point and have enjoyed the time spent solely on one thing -- so rare for a Mother! I'm at the point of collecting stories from people about their personal experiences, which is just so lovely. Hearing each person's story about how they anticipated the birth invarious ways, whether it be instinctual or conscious, is fascinating. One of the main things I will be promoting id the idea of pre-birth communication, so I am really talking about pre-parents rather than parents... it's an amazing an edifying time in my journey, that's for sure!

I've also given myself a deadline of entering it into a publishing competition, just to get me shake rattle and rolling! So I've been staring at the Hay House logo below for the last few months in my office and now again as the last days before the contest submission date transpire...

I'm really so passionate about this subject as I love sharing how magical this special act of co-creation is! And what's more, I really do think we can improve on what we're doing at the moment... which for a lot of folks is still having a glass of wine and getting frisky!

The idea is that by shifting our focus to before conception takes place and really valuing the whole process, we can treasure those special first weeks after conception which are so important-- in terms of early foetal development, and in terms of the couple starting to become a family!...

Thanks for listening!

In Lakech a la Kin

 The lovely HayHouse logo I've been staring at these last few months...&nbsp;

The lovely HayHouse logo I've been staring at these last few months... 

Healing and the Pool of Bethseda

So many people seek to judge others who are doing their best to help those around them. I am thinking not of myself here, but some recent comments which saddened me as I read online about a certain type of healing. Life is always difficult when people get in the way with our egos and our opinions and our supposed knowing of everything. The rules! Oh, we must always follow all the rules! But Jesus taught us that the only rule is Love. Jesus himself got into trouble with those around him for breaking the cultural and religious rules of the day.

I am reminded often of John 5; the Healing at the Pool of Bethseda, where Jesus heals a man on the Sabbath. The local leaders, rather than seeing the good work that was done by Jesus, choose to condemn him for 'working' on the Sabbath. And essentially Jesus's response was - 'What could be more Godly than helping another to heal?' ie doing God's good work? How better to honour God? God works 24-7 for us, so we should work for him in the same way, always seeking to help others and not ceasing to do so because of a rule.  

Let's just remember guys, to keep it simple. And remember Jesus's words in John 13:34

A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.  


Peace Love and Mung Beans <3



It's wonderful to look back over the years and what has occurred: 


Travelled to the sacred lands of Glastonbury and meditated and prayed in the stone circles

Travelled to Isla de Ibiza and meditated and prayed at sacred Es Vedra

Travelled to Hong Kong and meditated and prayed at sacred Po Lin Monastery

Travelled to the centre of Australia and meditated and prayed at Kata Tjuta

Became a Vegetarian

Praying a lot to the Holy Mother Mary


Did my first Vipassana

Quit social media and very little mobile phone

Learnt about Teas and Herbs 


Raw Food retreat with David Wolfe in Byron Bay

Ate raw all year

Conceived & Gestated & baked my Baby


Gave Birth

Became a Mother

Joined my local Community Garden

Revelled in Nature!

Bought Pura Vida and erected our Tipi


Travelled to northern Scotland to Findhorn EcoVillage for Into Christ Consciousness Seminar

Uplift in Byron Bay for the beautiful Solstice on December 21, 2012


Travelled to Maui Hawaii to the heart chakra of the world, Haleakala Crater

Travelled to Brasil to see renowned healer and medium John of God who says to me "You must take a Crystal Bed" and "I will help you" 

Conceived & Gestated & Baked my second baby

Travelled to the sacred lands of California state; the Giant Redwood Forest and Yosemite


Gave birth

Started performing crystal bed healings for friends and family


Opened my business to the public

Realised I was in the full thrust of a Kundalini Rising


Travelled back to Brasil to see John of a God a second time 

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It was 2008. We had connected as you do, in that random way of the internet. It was a link at the bottom of his Myspace page. It simply said "The Truth". I followed it, and like Neo drawn down the rabbit hole, my world was changed forever. 

When we're faced with a challenge to our worldview things that seem so unlikely as to be untrue are an impossibility for our minds to comprehend. I think back to the time when the accepted wisdom was that the world was flat- only later did we find out the truth was all along that the world is round. I myself went through a profound state of epiphanic shock adjusting to the new paradigm. And not all of the news is good. Please, if this is you, don't be afraid; it is a part of the process of evolution. We have to see that we have outgrown where we were in order to see where we need to grow to; discomfort is a factor of all growth periods. But so is excitement, adventure, courage, challenge and magic! 

Or The Hero's Journey, as Joseph Campbell would say.

By pulling that thread, bit by bit my entire paradigm crumbled and a new, beautiful future emerged. 

So how on earth did this happen? How have I gone from an all night party animal wildcat to a white-wearing non-drinking healer? The turn around is almost total!

Looking back, three things happened almost simultaneously. I had been battling that notorious unspecified physical ailment "IBS" since about 2005. This forced me to look at my diet and pare everything back in a major way. I became interested in organics, gluten free, vegetarianism, raw, growing my own... healthy healthy healthy... This was a real albatross for me and took many years to recover from.

Another thing that occurred round the same time was that I began to be sensitive to electromagnetic fields- the bad ones emitted by things like cell phones, and apple products in particular I found to be super bad. Meaning, I could and can physically feel the EMF's they emitted and to me they are strong. This went for computers, laptops, ipads, ipods and the little remote controls they have.  I have always been sensitive to these fields but I just began to notice it a lot more; probably due to my job as a digital editor and dually the fact that they were [and are] around us with an increasing propensity. So these two factors lead me to the third factor which was that I quit cell phones and social media for five years. Five years! From 2009 on... Hi----ya!

Like many I was concerned with my movements being digitally tracked, and as Ed Snowden later proved, my worries were substantiated. But the EMF's were bothering me too and I could feel they were unhealthy. Then I became pregnant so I definitely wanted to steer away from that stuff and to focus on the gift that God has given us, his creation, our mother Gaia; the natural world. 

And there was more. I got energy healing. I went on a retreat with David Wolfe and ate raw for a year. I read reams and reams of UFO Abductee & witness testimonies... what the heck was going on there? [I know now!] I was familiar with companies like Monsanto and their push to subvert the food supply with terminator seeds and the poisons in Roundup. And I knew drinking the toxic waste product fluoride in my water every day was not a good idea- heck, my dog wouldn't even drink it! But I was still puzzled by this malevolent push by those in power to keep us fat, sick, distracted and in debt. My investigation was still very much in its early stages. 

So what does one do when one isn't online all the time? Besides birthing and breastfeeding my first child, the answer is, one begins to notice other things... And what I noticed was... NATURE. It's everywhere and yet we pay so little attention to it... really sit with it and just admire it. I was astounded by the beauty of trees! The glossiness of the green leaves! The way flowers stand out like beacons in a forest! The incredible work and variety of fungi! The smell of earth, the satisfaction of growing my own food, the life cycle of compost... My gosh, how could I have missed all this glory? I joined my local community garden with the other people who weren't on social media or cell phones - retirees- and I had a ball! I grew veggies in my back garden. I walked through my local park and sat by the pond every day... I listened to nature and she spoke to me.   

Somehow at the same time I stumbled upon polygraph expert Cleve Backster's ground-breaking work on plant consciousness, Primary Perception. Even popular show Mythbusters showed surprise at their results which drew the same conclusions, though the data is 40 years old! At the same time, a friend lent me a book published by the Eco-Village Findhorn, on communicating with plant consciousness, or Devas. And then I read the NDE of avowed atheist Howard Storm. The combination of these three things meant I followed the rainbow to Northern Scotland to Findhorn, for a seminar called Into Christ Consciousness during Easter of 2012. I needed to wean my baby, and I wanted to learn more about plants and how to talk to them; bio-communication. And I was also curious about what the heck they meant by Christ Consciousness. 

During those years from 2009 to 2012 I received many acupuncture and crystal bed treatments. Whether I realised it or not, I was working on my energy. I began to pray again, which I had not done for many years. I sincerely wanted to connect with this Source that impressed all people who have had a Near Death Experience, that impressed even the aliens. I prayed the Hail Mary, I sang the Our Father as I walked through nature and I prayed for all my deceased relatives, both remembered and not remembered. In December of 2012 I travelled to Byron Bay for the solstice to be at a beautiful event called Uplift. The beautiful ceremony with Australian Elder Uncle Bob and the Indigenous Grandmothers on the beach that day is something I will never forget. 

By now I had began to realise that there was something more going on with humanity. That we each have some strange power that those in power feel threatened by. I was poring over scientific journals on consciousness, wondering about The Observer Effect and more in relation to Quantum Physics. My husband studied electrical engineering and my father in law was a chemical engineer so there were always copies of New Scientist and Scientific American laying around. I was fascinated by the reports coming out of the Heartmath Institute. I was particularly keen to learn as much as I could about healing, for it seemed to me that these people who reported these extra perceptions -which I still call super-powers- were and are healers. So I re-read The Bible, reading about Jesus in The New Testament over and over again. Each time, learning more about energy. I read and watched The Magus of JavaNei KungOpening the Dragon Gate. And I realised that these talents, these abilities, this energy, is real.

In 2013 I travelled to the Casa de Dom Inacio de Loyola in Brasil to see the revered medium John of God, or as he prefers to be called, Medium Joao. I was astounded at the beautiful energy at the Casa, which I could feel with my body. It is clear it is a deeply holy place. I received healing there myself and I worked in the Casa as a volunteer, both in the soup kitchen and in the Current room. And I came back home a different person. 

So now I know that praying works. I know this because I can feel the energy come out of my hands when I say prayers over others. Now I can perceive things with my third eye. Now I can see matrixes of light around plants and trees. And there is even more interesting phenomena which I won't go into here... but it is AMAZING. Once you raise your frequency, you will too, for they are a natural by-product of increased spirituality, which cannot be faked. This future is Beautiful.

We're all on our own journey. I'm just sharing my red pill experience in the hope it helps you with yours. Take the red pill, and I'll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes... right to daylight on the other side. <3